Supply chain simulation programme set for launch

Metro Minds is set to launch a supply chain simulation programme within the next few months following increased demand from the industry for training and skills development. According to Lynne Shale, the company’s senior logistics facilitator, this comes as the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market continues to grow, develop and change in line with heightened consumer expectations.

“Consumers are applying more pressure on the retail stores to be able to order globally as well as online, and are demanding more variety at a faster-moving pace. This puts pressure on the industry for constant, effective timeous deliveries.” She said this demand along with the highly competitive retail market was having an effect throughout the supply chain. “Distribution centres are having to constantly adapt operationally as well as logistically. Communication, real-time visibility, improved technology, location of facilities, route and load planning are of paramount importance,” said Shale. “Skills development in logistics is critical as this part of the supply chain is key to delivering customer satisfaction to all role players within the FMCG supply chain.”

Metro Minds CEO Juliette Fourie said the company was continuously launching new programmes to assist with supply chain optimisation.“Accelerated learning programmes like simulation are very valuable in this environment making it imperative to use training providers that can customise according to your environment,” she said.

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