Digital learning platform launched

Metro Minds has launched a new digital learning platform that takes e-learning to the next level. According to company CEO Juliette Fourie, eMinds aims to give students a far richer experience than just delivering content and assessments. “All our programmes are available on this platform and also align with the regulatory processes required from accredited training,” she told FTW. “Our simulated training is becoming more and more technologically driven with a lot of focus on systems, practice and imitation of the real world.

As a WiseTech partner, Metro Minds is working alongside Nomad Partners to assist companies with their support and training on the Cargo Wise System. We have also teamed up with innovation organisation Innocentrix and are hosting their high-end technology tool called the Thinkubator.” According to Fourie education technology is developing fast with digital learning platforms now the norm. Virtual reality and simulation are increasingly being used, with ongoing development in this field.

“The changing environments and drive for accelerated learning methodologies are enabling higher performance and better productivity,” she said. “Considering the laws of frequency as captured by Aristotle, namely the more things are experienced together, the better the memory or recall of them, it is easy to understand why simulation is such a powerful educational tool. Although it is not the exact real-time environment, the simulated one can be as successful as a real-life scenario.”

Fourie said, due to the nature of the logistics industry, it was always recommended to focus on simulators that emphasised specified tasks and activities. “A range of skills can be taught in the simulated environment and would be a good start to experience the broader range of skills needed in this industry to perform well and be productive,” she said. “There are significant benefits around workplace simulators – for individuals and new job entrants, employers and society, in addition to financial advantages.”

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