Online learning platform extends reach to Africa

Aligning education with new technology and processes that allow for better accessibility, flexibility and customisation remains a trend in the logistics industry – and that includes the airfreight sector. According to Juliette Fourie, Metro Minds CEO and founder, from an educational perspective the airfreight industry faces similar challenges to other sectors. “Safety, security, regulations, frequency and pricing should be understood by the controller handling the work on behalf of the customer,” she said. “It has been estimated that logistics costs as a whole constitute at least 14% of the cost of goods in South Africa, which is at least 50% above the global norm.

Airfreight is fast paced and comes with high demands. It is imperative that the workforce serving this industry has a trans-disciplined and integrated approach when making decisions and solving problems.” Fourie says online learning with simulation (an interactive platform that promotes accelerated learning) is continuing to gain traction with industry. “Although we focus a lot on the technical skills around international trade and logistics, we have developed tools and programmes like simulation to ensure higher performance levels and better productivity,” she told FTW.

“Evidence collected from first-time job entrants indicated that over 90% of the tested population would be more productive, make less mistakes and feel more comfortable and work-ready should they attend a workplace simulator.” The company’s online learning platform, eMinds, has also been developed to reach anyone working in Africa, allowing for integration of information between trading countries. The company is set to launch its “Kickstart your career Programme” within the next few months. This is aimed at school leavers and youth, providing a qualification in entrepreneurial skills, and will form part of companies’ socio-economic sponsorships. “Our largest investments now are in new digital, gaming and virtual reality developments that form part of our programmes,” said Fourie.