Metro Minds moves into freight handling sector

Metro Minds has applied to the Transport Education and Training Authority for accreditation to provide freight handling courses and has completed more than two-thirds of the course material.

“Receiving accreditation on this aspect of the global supply chain will be our stepping stone towards offering the full scope of freight industry training,” says director of Metro Minds, Juliette Fourie. The course material will not just be tailored towards freight forwarders but to their clients as well.

Fourie adds that handling and distribution sectors have been seen for far too long as the ‘stepchild of logistics’ when they are integral to the supply chain. “We are working hard to gain professional recognition for the respective industry qualifications and this training will go a long way towards that,” she says.

Acknowledging that learnerships are not just about imparting information, Fourie says Metro Minds strives to provide holistic training which incorporates life skills and is flexible and adaptable enough to take different levels of development into account.

The company, which specialises in freight industry training, also offers more generic training, focusing on sales, finance, management and computer courses, among others.

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