Hard work is the key

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to women in the male-dominated freight industry. In the view of Juliette Fourie, director and owner of Metro Minds, a professional training provider in the logistics, freight forwarding and trading industry, women play many roles – mothers and wives, farmers and construction workers, CEOs and financial gurus, and passionate educators to name but a few.

“The key is hard work and to never try to be like a man. We are women and we should focus on the things we are good at,” she says. “The moment you try and model men in the industry, you will fail. Applying your feminity in everything you do will bring about more appreciation and respect. The freight and logistics industries are a man’s world, but women are starting to make their mark, says Fourie.“This industry is tough and shows no mercy. Women have to work 200% harder to make their mark. Each gender brings its particular skills – be it decision-making, emotional intelligence or behaviour.

Companies that have the right mix of women and men working in tandem and optimising each other’s strengths will excel.”Her message to women is clear. “Work hard, be proud of what you do, be yourself. The key is to stay focused, plan well and manage a balanced lifestyle while at the same time celebrating what you are good at as a woman.”

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