Workplace simulator creates ‘work-ready’ candidates

After over a year of research and development to introduce workplace simulators as a training tool in the logistics and supply chain space, Metro Minds has completed the first forwarding & customs simulation programme through accelerated training.

“We worked in conjunction with Alto Training to implement this very unique offering,” said managing director of the specialist industry training company, Juliette Fourie. She told FTW that 30 candidates had been recruited and, after attending a two-day bridging course into the WISE MINDS programme, they covered 94 credits through simulation within a five-week period. “MetroMinds has been researching the phenomenon of workplace simulators in the logistics industry for the past 12 to 18 months, specifically looking at the extent to which the implementation could increase the performance of first-time job entrants,” explained Fourie.

She said that the logistics industry was known for high-stress-level functions with “24/7” customer service an unwritten rule in the industry. “In the freight forwarding industry, ‘you are only as good as your last shipment’ and so everyone strives for the perfect shipment. Every shipment and order processed for a trader (importer or exporter) has many role players and many activities linked to one another. Should the one activity not be executed correctly, it delays the entire process or creates challenges for the cargo to move to the final destination,” Fourie pointed out.

Evidence collected from first-time job entrants indicated that over 90% of those tested in the workplace simulator environment would be more productive, make fewer mistakes and feel more comfortable and work-ready, she added. Fourie said the company offered simulated programmes for business, finance, sales, forwarding, customs and supply chain clients.

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