Trade finance courses on offer

Training provider Metro Minds has developed a range of trade finance courses, drawing on the expertise of industry specialists to create relevant content. “Cash, risk and how to use financial information for planning and strategy are key focus areas in our programmes,” says Metro Minds CEO Juliette Fourie.

“Over the years freight forwarders have acted as financial institutions for their clients and this has placed significant risk on their shoulders. Traders should understand that the same principles apply whether they’re using banks or a third party handling their risk on a cash and outlay of money for services basis.” The company’s three programmes are based on different outcomes, says Fourie. “Our one-day ‘Finance in the freight forwarding environment’ course was designed and developed eight years ago with the input of some of the industry’s financial heads. Every link in the logistics chain should understand the impact of cash and risk on the business and how to cut costs through efficiencies, which is what this course is all about.”

‘Finance for business survival’ targets line managers and anyone who needs to manage a profit and loss report and compile budgets. “The objective is to provide the student with a simple and systematic way to analyse statements and make day to day decisions. The third programme, ‘Estimate Essentials’, focuses on how the forwarder can provide traders with cost estimates for importing or exporting their goods. We place a lot of emphasis on how Incoterms are used and how these affect risk, control and costs for the trader,” said Fourie.

Every link in the logistics chain should understand the impact of cash and risk on the business. – Juliette Fourie

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