‘Sweet spot’ for trainers in new tech work world

As the industry braces for a brave new world of automation, robotics, wearable technology and autonomous vehicles, the world of work is set for dramatic change.“With the increased use of technology – soft, medium and high – a number of jobs and functions may become redundant,” says Juliette Fourie, CEO of training provider Metro Minds.

“That doesn’t speak to our National Skills Plan targets at all and could be seen as a barrier against technology,” she says. “The use of technology could also possibly impact the thinking process and result in a lack of critical thinking. If processes are so automated that the person cannot think out of the box or solve a complex problem, it could be to the detriment of a business.” On the up side, however, in the education space digital learning and simulation have helped to develop people who are more work ready and more productive, says Fourie.

She points out that while technology can assist in many processes, it cannot replace customer engagement and the managing of relationships between stakeholders. “This will become a more scarce skill due to the different way in which we communicate. This remains an area where coaching, mentoring and skills development has a sweet spot in the evolution of technology.” And Fourie believes that technology and innovation should work together. “We have been able to identify many innovations in our business – using soft, medium and hard technology – to optimise education. “In addition to our “Act it Out Customs Simulator” and Workplace Simulators – which have already achieved great success – new products are in the pipeline … watch this space.”

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