Freight Simulator (FFSIM)


The Simulation program is designed to create a bridge for Graduates and Youth entering the workplace for the first time. Simulated training is whereby theory and workplace experience are done in a much faster time than in the real environment. It is also referred to as experiential learning, action-based learning, case-based learning, experience-based learning, and demonstration-based learning. Simulation will ensure easier transition into the workplace and increase return on investment for the organization as the candidates’ performance levels will be much higher than that of first-time job entrants entering the industry with no exposure to the simulations. The Simulation will include dealings with client scenarios, following the generic process of trade, application of Incoterms 2020, administration and coordination of the import and export process, modes of transport, packing, labelling, and handling cargo, freight financial literacy and operating in warehousing and distribution facilities.

SAQA Unit Standards

252429  Explain concept of trade.
252437  Interpret and apply incoterms.
252423  Explain the administration of a freight-forwarding and clearing operation.
252424  Outline structure of surface freight environment.
252427  Outline structure of airfreight forwarding environment.
252411  Generate invoices, credit notes and landed costing.

Who should do this course?
First-time industry entrants, graduates and youth aspiring to a career in International Freight & Logistics.

Assessment Required for Competency

  • International Trade & Geography.
  • Incoterms 2020 and Insurance.
  • Imports and Exports Processes.
  • Sea freight, Road freight, Airfreight and Rail.
  • Introductions to Customs compliance.
  • Freight finance literacy & costings.

Additional Info:
NQF Level: 3
Credits: 25

2 Weeks Contact Class

Learning Methodologies:
MethodDurationPrice *
CC5 days18,995.00
VS5 days18,995.00

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