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96396 Occupational Certificate: Freight Handler (FH)


The purpose of this certification is to equip learners with the necessary skills to excel as Freight Handlers in the transportation sector. A Freight Handler plays a crucial role in managing the reception, allocation, storage, selection, reconciliation, and dispatch of freight within a storage facility. This Occupational and Practical Certificate in Freight Handling offers a valuable learning opportunity for those seeking to advance their careers in the transportation of goods, ensuring the safe and efficient handling of freight.

Who should do this course?
This certification is designed to meet the current and future needs of the diverse Freight Handling Industry. Given the multifaceted nature of Freight Handling, employees must possess a broad range of competencies. This qualification is intended to provide individuals entering the industry with foundational skills, enabling them to handle freight effectively, contribute as effective team members, and carry out tasks necessary for efficient freight processing

Assessment required for competency.

  • Demonstrating the effective reception of freight.
  • Managing the allocation of freight for storage and stock control.
  • Preparing and overseeing the selection of freight for loading and unloading processes in accordance with specified procedures.
  • Skillfully reconciling and dispatching freight in compliance with relevant legislation.
  • Demonstrates allocation of freight for storage and control of stock.
  • Simulate practical in a real warehousing environment in all major regions.

Additional Info:
NQF Level: 3
Credits: 133

12 Months

Learning Methodologies:
MethodDurationPrice *
CC5 days31,950.00
VS5 days31,950.00

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