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Microsoft Word | Basic (MWB)


This is the elementary level of the Microsoft Word course. Learning to use a word processor application.

Who should do this course?
It is intended for first time MS Word users, or users with very little MS Word knowledge.

Anyone wanting to learn how to create and edit documents using a word processor application..

No prior knowledge of MS Word is required. We assume that you are familiar with basic computer skills like working with a mouse and keyboard.

  • Create and use templates.
  • Insert pictures and shapes.
  • Insert Word Art.
  • Edit images.
  • Work with Smart Art and special characters.
  • Edit Smart Art.
  • Create tables.
  • Managing rows, columns and cells.
  • Visually enhance tables.
  • Create basic calculations in a table.
  • Working with Styles.
  • Managing Styles.

1 Day

Learning Methodologies:

*Pricing available upon request.

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