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Microsoft Word | Advanced (MWA)


This is the advanced level of MS Word. It will focus on features to manage large documents and creating references as well as a table of contents.

Who should do this course?
Anyone who wants to enhance their knowledge of MS Word by learning the advanced features. It is also intended for users who want to use referencing to update automatically and in particular anyone who works with lengthy documents.

MS Word basic knowledge is required and we assume basic computer skills like working with a mouse and typing on a keyboard are in place. It would be beneficial if you have some knowledge of the MS Word intermediate level.

  • Create and work with Charts.
  • Create linked Charts that integrate with MS Excel.
  • Create and edit linked Tables.
  • Use integration between other Microsoft applications.
  • Collaborate files between different users using Track Changes and Comments.
  • Merge documents.
  • Working with Reference marks and notes like Footnotes and Endnotes.
  • Insert Captions and Cross-References.
  • Work with long documents and create an Index and Table of Contents.
  • Securing documents with protection features.
  • Creating forms.
  • Working with advanced layout features like different headers and footers on different pages.
  • Create and work with Mail Merge.

1 Day

Learning Methodologies:

*Pricing available upon request.

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