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Microsoft Outlook (MO)


The course will focus on features of creating, sending and managing e-mails using Microsoft Outlook.

Who should do this course?
Anyone who wants to enhance their knowledge of Microsoft Outlook by learning how to create and send e-mails together with message management.

We assume basic computer skills like working with a mouse and typing on a keyboard are in place. It would be beneficial if you have some knowledge of the Introduction to Computers course in place.

  • Introduction to Microsoft Outlook.
  • Using the Mail element.
  • Create and send messages.
  • Receive and manage messages with reply, reply to all and forward.
  • Deleting messages.
  • Create folders to organise messages.
  • Marking and flagging messages.
  • Create and use a signature.
  • Using the Calendar element to create appointments.
  • Responding to appointments.
  • Deleting appointments.
  • Using the Contacts element.
  • Create and edit contacts.
  • Share and delete contacts.
  • Create a contact group.

1 Day

Learning Methodologies:

*Pricing available upon request.

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