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Microsoft Excel | Intermediate (MEI)


This is the elementary level of the Excel course. It focuses on using a spreadsheet application.

Who should do this course?
It is intended for users that are already familiar with the basics of Excel and wants to broaden their knowledge on the application up to an intermediate level. Users that want to organise their data in a more professional way, visually present it in a chart and also make use of more intermediate functions and formulate.

Excel basic knowledge is required and we assume basic computer skills like working with a mouse and typing on a keyboard are in place. 

  • Prepare and produce a spreadsheet to provide a solution to a given problem.
  • Adjust settings to customise the view and preferences of the spreadsheet application for large sheets.
  • Sort and filter data for better organisation.
  • Create and edit charts to enhance readability of data.
  • Visually enhance a spreadsheet using sparklines.
  • Apply automatic formatting to a spreadsheet applicable to the given problem.
  • Create and manage more intermediate functions and formula, like IF and Vlookup to provide solutions.
  • Create and work with named ranges to streamline calculations.
  • Creating and managing comments in a worksheet,

1 Day

Learning Methodologies:

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