Mental health elevated more than ever before

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for employers to initiate mental health programmes for their employees. According to Juliette Fourie, founder and CEO of Metro Minds, this is something that should have been implemented before Covid-19.

“Unfortunately, this pandemic has brought about change for everyone. We have all been forced to adapt. In the learning space massive changes have taken place as well, and we are seeing the need for mental health care more and more. We are starting to see that it’s not just about acquiring technical skills but that soft skills like health and wellness, resilience, change management and decision-making are important too,” said Fourie

“This climate has brought about the need to cope better, whether it’s coping with loss of a loved one, coping with financial issues, or even just having to be in isolation. Overall health and wellness are starting to take centre stage. No matter your job title, you need to have the mental capacity to deal with everything happening around you.”


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