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Work Readiness

Many companies are reluctant to employ youth and first-time entrants to the world of work because they have been found to not have the appropriate behaviour and attitude. Many companies give first preference for employment to candidates who are referred to them through a trusted network and want to employ staff who are work ready and work smart.

Metro Minds presents two unique work readiness programs.

Smart Start

This two-day course is aimed to provide first time job entrants a SMART START to the next step in their learning or employment journey. SMART START consist of five modules, focusing on providing a guideline for success.

Module 1: Me, myself, and I – A Smart Start to Life in understanding YOU.

Module 2: Others – Understand others for Teamwork development.

Module 3: Sustainability – Maintaining the mind, the planet, and the customer.

Module 4: Money – Personal finance and business principles.

Module 5: Professionalism – Responsibility, ethics, appearance and communication.

Wise Minds - Bridging The Gap

Getting ready to go out into the big wide working world is no easy task. Let Metro Minds help you to bridge that gap. Join us on WISE MINDS 10 days program and learn the things that no one prepares you for but expects you to know when entering the workplace. The program consists of 10 modules:

  1. Understanding yourself in life and business
  2. Operating in a team
  3. Effectiveness in performance
  4. Professional office conduct
  5. Client services
  6. Information gathering and Business language
  7. Finance skills 
  8. International Trade
  9. Interview preparation and Personal Branding 
  10. Sales & Marketing