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Team and Skills Development (TSD)


*** This can be done as part of the OETDP Qualification ***

This course is designed for persons in a supervisor or management role, who recognise that project management forms an integral component of any business. It will be useful to those who intend to conduct internal or external evaluations of education, training and development providers, products and services to meet an established need within an organisation. It is helpful is defining skills needs at an organisational level and is especially useful to skills development facilitators, training managers, and human resource development practitioners.

SAQA Unit Standards

120388 Supervise a project team of a small project to deliver project objectives.

15232 Coordinate planned skills development interventions in an organisation.

123400 Evaluate and promote training and development providers services and products for organisational use.

15217 Develop an organisational training and development plan.

15218 Conduct an analysis to determine outcomes of learning for skills development and other purposes.

15224 Empower team members through recognising strengths, encouraging participation in decision and delegating tasks.

15228 Advice on the establishment and implementation of a QMS for skills development, practice in an organisation.

Assessment required for competency.

  • Undertaking the management activities, from start to end, for a small project.
  • Supervising and monitoring a team working on a small project.
  • Reporting progress on a small project.
  • Identifying and rectifying problems occurring in a project.
  • Identify and prioritise learners` learning requirements.
  • Plan and organise learning interventions.
  • Coordinate learning interventions.
  • Review and report on learning interventions.
  • Establishing organisational learning needs and potential solutions.
  • Planning and organise the evaluation.
  • Evaluating providers, products and services.
  • Promoting providers, products and services to the organisation.
  • Analyse current and required skills.
  • Develop a skills profile and define a skills gap.
  • Establish skills priorities.
  • Develop a training and development plan.
  • Plan, organise a skills analysis process.
  • Conduct an analysis to determine outcomes of learning needed for formal recognition.
  • Produce and verify a matrix of outcomes.
  • Recognising team member performance.
  • Encouraging participation in decision-making.
  • Delegating tasks.
  • Reviewing decisions and the progress with delegated tasks.
  • The identification and interpretation of quality assurance requirements for skills development practices.
  • The design of a quality management system for skills development practices.
  • The development of effectiveness indicators for skills development practices.
  • The implementation and improvement of a quality management system for skills development practices.

Additional Info:
NQF Level: 5
Credits: 49

3 Days Contact Class or Own Speed Online and Virtual

Learning Methodologies:
MethodDurationPrice *
CC3 days7,650.00
VS3 days7,650.00
OD3 days5,550.00

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