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Facilitation of Learning Programs / Train The Trainer (FAC)


*** This can be done as part of the OETDP Qualification ***

Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies with language and communication strategies to ensure occupational learning is conducted in a fun and efficient manner.

SAQA Unit Standards

115789 Sustain oral interaction across a wide range of contexts and critically evaluate spoken texts. 

115791 Use language and communication strategies for vocational and occupational learning. 

123397 Evaluate a learning intervention using given evaluation instruments. 

117871 Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodology.

Who should do this course?
Any person working in the field of learning & development and responsible for the facilitation of programs, ready for assessment for competency of the topic covered.

Who You’ll Learn From
An industry and subject matter expert who’ll guide you through your course content, and answer any subject matter questions you might have.

Assessment required for competency.

  • Interact critically and purposefully as a listener and/or speaker in oral communication.
  • Analyse and critically evaluate oral interactions and presentations.
  • Use strategies for listening and speaking in sustained oral interactions.
  • Analyse and evaluate responses to spoken texts critically and adjust own as required.
  • Formulate and use learning strategies.
  • Use and apply occupational and vocational learning materials and resources.
  • Conduct research and submit recommendations.
  • Lead and function effectively in a team and as an individual.
  • Identify the characteristics of the workplace and evaluate the specific needs of the occupational and/or vocational context.
  • Planning and preparing for the evaluation.
  • Collecting and recording data for analysing and interpreting.
  • Compile an evaluation report.
  • Review the evaluation process.
  • Plan and prepare for facilitation.
  • Facilitate and evaluate learning and facilitation.

Additional Info:
NQF Level: 5
Credits: 30

3 Days Contact Class or Own Speed Online and Virtual

Learning Methodologies:
MethodDurationPrice *
CC3 days7,650.00
VS3 days7,650.00
OD3 days5,550.00

*All prices are excluding VAT.

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