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Sales Excellence (SAL)


For purposes of this offering, the programme has been customised to address the needs of Sales Process and Management Environment. During the program, students will be able to manage the art of sales, sales finance, professional presentations, and sales value add through the value chain.

Who should do this course? 
People working in a commercial environment, serving the customer at large

Assessment required for competency.

  • The Art of Selling.
  • Sales Finance.
  • Sales Value Chain.
  • The Art of Presentations.

Additional Info:
NQF Level: 5
Credits: 60

4 Months

Learning Methodologies:
MethodDurationPrice *
CC4 months18,995.00
VS4 months18,995.00
OS4 months16,500.00
OD4 months14,995.00

*All prices are excluding VAT.

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