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Special Needs and Barriers (SNB)


*** This can be done as part of the OETDP Qualification ***

This course is designed for supervisors and managers in all economic sectors. It is for people who need to understand the concept of human rights and democracy. It will help identify and deal with people who have special needs, counselling, or health needs. 

SAQA Unit Standards

15233 Harness diversity and build on strengths of a diverse working environment. 

10294 Identify and respond to learners with special needs and barriers to learning. 

119665 Demonstrate understanding of the concept of human rights and democracy and its application in society. 

10305 Devise interventions for learners who have special needs.

Assessment required for competency.

  • Identifying the nature of diversity in the working environment.
  • Identifying the positive consequences of diversity in the working environment.
  • Dealing with diverse individuals and groups.
  • Dealing with disagreements and conflict arising from diversity amongst individuals and groups.
  • Identify learners who have special learning, counselling or health needs, refer these learners to relevant services and take appropriate action within the learning situation.
  • Identify barriers to learning and take appropriate action within or outside of the learning situation, which includes dealing with problems of absenteeism and dropout. 
  • Demonstrating understanding of the different schools of thought in the human rights and democratic field.
  • Providing a historical perspective of human rights and democracy.
  • Describing the instruments that developed in response to human rights violations.
  • Demonstrating understanding of the principles and values of human rights and democracy.
  • Critically analysing recent responses to human rights violations within the African regional system. 
  • Deal with learners who have special needs in the classroom, so that these learners can continue to attend ETD events as ‘mainstream’ learners. (See “special notes”.)

Additional Info:
NQF Level: 5
Credits: 41

2 Days Contact Class or Own Speed Online and Virtual

Learning Methodologies:
MethodDurationPrice *
CC2 days5,450.00
VS2 days5,450.00
OD2 days3,850.00

*All prices are excluding VAT.

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