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Stress & Time Management…work smarter, not harder (TIM)

Exploring the value of time and how it can be used as an advantage to be more efficient. A practical way to identify key areas of time wasters and learn how to use time as an advantage instead of a disadvantage. This is integrated with a fun-filled board game with all the theoretical elements summarised in a game. 

Applying skills to identify understand and deal with daily stress and conflict in the workplace. Identify causes of stress and techniques to manage it in the workplace.

SAQA Unit Standards

244589  Identify causes of stress and techniques to manage it in the workplace. Level 3 Credits 2.

Who You’ll Learn From
An industry and subject matter expert who’ll guide you through your course content, and answer any subject matter questions you might have.

Assessment required for competency.

  • Identifying time management profiles.
  • Understanding the principles of time management.
  • Drawing up time-efficient work plans to carry out department/division/section work functions.
  • Implementing time-efficient work plans.
  • Apply time management techniques.
  • Prioritisation through a fun-filled board game called “What’s on the clock”.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of different conflict situations in the workplace.
  • Identifying the difference between destructive and constructive situations.
  • Handle and resolve a conflict in the workplace.
  • Understanding the correlation between emotions, the brain, and stress.
  • Explaining different levels in which people react to stress.
  • Identifying stressors in the workplace and their relationship to work performance.
  • Identifying the effects that stress has on our bodies.

Additional Info:
NQF Level: 3
Credits: 2

Learning Methodologies:
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BlendedTIM1 Day3,350.00

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