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Take your career to the next level by getting yourself a degree or higher degree. We’ve partnered with daVinci and CIPS to give you that extra edge.

The Da Vinci Institute in association with Metro Minds is proud to offer a Higher Certificate (MOTI) applied to Sales Process and Management Environment.


  • Sales Management Certificate
    • TIPS™ Model Da Vinci (Management of Technology, Innovation, People and Systems)
    • Art of Selling
    • Art of Presentations
    • Sales Finance
    • Value Solutions
  • B Com Sales
  • MSc – Master Degree
  • PhD – Doctoral Degree
CIPS Level 2/ NQF 4 Certificate in Procurement & Supply Operation Procurement and supply principles, functions, processes, administration & stakeholders.
CIPS Level 3/ NQF 5 Advanced Certificate In Procurement & Supply Operations Procurement and supply environments, operations, workflow,   relationships & Inventory and logistics operations.
CIPS Level 4/ NQF 6 Diploma in Procurement & Supply Contexts of procurement and supply,  business needs in procurement and supply, sourcing in procurement and supply,  negotiating and contracting

in procurement and supply .

CIPS Level 5/ NQF 7 Advanced Diploma in Procurement & Supply Sustainability / category management / managing risks / operations management in supply chains,  improving the competitiveness of supply chains,
CIPS Level 6 Professional Diploma in Procurement & Supply Leadership in procurement and supply,  corporate and business strategy,  strategic supply chain management,  supply chain diligence,  programme and project

Management,  Legal aspects in procurement  & supply (UK)

Sales Management

  • NQF Level 5
  • Credits 56
  • Duration 10 days Contact Class
  • Assessment Required for Competency
  • Course Code: SAM

SAQA Unit Standards

  • US 252253 – Secure Freight Forwarding Business Level 4 Credits 6
  • US 252262 – Resolve client service problems Level 4 Credits 5
  • US 119472 – Accommodate audience and context needs in oral communication Level 4 Credits
  • US 119462 – Engage in a sustained oral/signed communication and evaluate spoken/signed text Level 4 Credits 5
  • US 119469 – Read/view, analyse and respond to a variety of texts Level 4 Credits 5
  • US 336712 – Outline the philosophy of Supply Chain Management Level 6 Credits 6
  • US 336709 – Evaluate the influences of key components in a supply chain Level 5 Credits 8
  • US 336740 – Analyse logistics systems and implement appropriate strategic plans Level 6 Credits 8
  • US 252258 – Gather information and report on client profitability Level 4 Credits 4
  • US 117156 – Interpret basic financial statements Level 4 Credits 4

MODULE 1: Art of Selling – OISTER ®

Duration:3 Days


  1. Understanding business you sell and trade in.
  2. Opening the sales cycle with successful research techniques and prospecting.
  3. Understanding personality types and emotional intelligence.
  4. Identifying potential sales targets.
  5. Prospecting and qualifying leads.
  6. Establishing your unique selling proposition to secure client meetings.
  7. Understanding customers and their needs by correct questioning techniques.
  8. Effective customer meetings
  9. Demonstrating an understanding of the services offered by the company to support the correct needs uncovered.
  10. Quantifying and evaluating client needs.
  11. Selling off features and benefits.
  12. Handling customer concerns.
  13. Handle price objections.
  14. Closing the sale.
  15. Implement the sale integrated with business.
  16. Providing on-going service and support to clients.

MODULE 2: Art of Presentations

Duration: 2 Days


  1. Identifying and analysing the target audience for an effective presentation/ proposal or meeting.
  2. Planning and preparing the structure to communicate the central message logically.
  3. Planning visuals and other devices to involve the audience during the presentation/ proposal or meeting.
  4. Identifying and choosing the kind of presentation fit for the purpose.
  5. Planning of presentation/ proposal or meeting.
  6. Building confidence with any audience.
  7. Practice own presentation from scratch & deliver to audience being videotaped

MODULE 3: Sales Finance

Duration: 2 Days


  1. Understand the full range of disbursements applicable to a forwarding & logistics operation.
  2. Understand basic financial & accounting terms
  3. Basic understanding of Income statement, Balance sheet & Bank and how it will affect a clients’ credit limit.
  4. Calculating different ratios and margins (profit, operating, etc.)
  5. Focusing on the areas of making money in freight & logistics.
  6. Understanding profit & loss in the freight & logistics industry
  7. Risk management (debtors, queries, cash 2 cash cycles, profitability of clients)
  8. Demonstrate value add cost analysis to clients’ business.

MODULE 4: Supply Chain Value

Duration: 2 Days


  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the key components and features of supply chains and concepts.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the role of transport in supply chains.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the role of technology in supply chain management.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of a mode of transport and its place in the transport sector in South Africa.
  5. Distinguish between Transactional vs. Solution Selling
  6. Understand the importance of knowing your customer and understanding their needs and how to add value to their supply chain.