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Make the leap! Gain workplace experience and at the same time get yourself a qualification. Workplace experience and a qualification all rolled into one. Take the first step to becoming employable and ready for work.

NC: Business Administration

  • NQF Level 3
  • Minimum Credits 120
  • Duration 12 months
  • Contact Class OR Distance Learning

The underlying foundation of any business is encapsulated in the strength of their administrative functions. This is a perfect fit for any delegate working in a highly administrative environment serving other support functions in the business.

It can be customised to focus on areas of specialisation such as sales, finance, human resources, operational and client servicing.


  1. Teams in the workplace
  2. Business Communication
  3. The Office Environment
  4. The Business Environment
  5. Customer Service
  6. Business Meetings
  7. Research and Statistics
  8. Information Technology
  9. Accounting Principles

NC: Freight Forwarding & Customs Compliance

  • NQF Level 3
  • Minimum Credits 130
  • Duration 12 – 16 months*
  • Contact Class OR Distance Learning

This qualification underpins the foundation of the freight forwarding and customs environment. The basic fundamental and core modules focus on introducing the delegate to the industry and world of trade. This program is essential for new industry entrants as well as support functions to understand the core of the industry.



  1. Organisational ethics, business and Customers
  2. Business communication
  3. Business statistics & calculations.
  4. Business & Personal Finance
  5. Trade & geography
  6. Incoterms ® 2010 | Import & Export Cycle
  7. Surface Freight, Airfreight & Infrastructure
  8. Regulations & Insurance
  9. Freight Finance
  10. Customs* (Specialisation Module)

Further Education and Training Certificate in Freight Forwarding & Customs Compliance

  • NQF Level 4
  • Minimum Credits 135
  • Duration 12 – 16 months
  • Contact Class OR Distance Learning

This qualification broadens the scope of freight forwarding, customs and trade. The knowledge is applied in a practical way through case studies and experiential projects. The students are exposed to solving complex problems and be able to provide their clients’ with solutions.



  1. Imports & Exports Cycle
  2. Trade policies
  3. Securing business & Business Communication, Business Writing
  4. Business Statistics, calculations and Finance
  5. Insurance
  6. Dangerous goods
  7. Customs (Specialisation Module)

NC: Supply Chain Management

  • NQF Level 5
  • Minimum Credits 150
  • Duration 12 months
  • Contact Class OR Distance Learning

This qualification is valuable for delegates entering the Supply Chain Environment as well as operating in this industry. The outcomes are aligned to the globally recognised CIPS Advanced Certificate.
The program focuses on the entire value chain and the importance of all aspects in this chain.


  1. Supply Chain Environments
  2. Supply Chain Operations
  3. Supply Chain Workflow
  4. Transport and Logistics
  5. Supply Chain Strategies
  6. Sales Specialisation*

Aligned to CIPS Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply Chain.

NC: MOTI Sales Processes and Management

  • NQF Level 5
  • Minimum Credits 120
  • Duration 12 months
  • In Association with the Da Vinci Institute

This qualification is serving the sales environment at large with core competencies needed to operate successfully in the commercial and sales environment.  The career of Sales is formalised through this program and could be continued on a B Com level.


  1. Self, Other and Social Context
  2. Problem-Solving, Creative Thinking and Decision-Making
  3. Management and Leadership Development
  4. Managing the Systems Way
  5. Management of Innovation
  6. Management of Technology
  7. Management of People
  8. The Art of Presentations:
  9. The Art of Selling: Sales Process-OISTER
  10. Sales Finance
  11. Value Selling